Golan towing co since 1989

 The company has a special permit from the Ministry of Transport, number H-220.

When bad situations occur, you don’t need to be caught in a position that leaves you wanting for dependable and reliable assistance.golan Towing is the leader in reliable 24 hours emergency towing service Heavy Duty Towing, Flatbed Towing & Long Distance Towing. Auto towing and Private Property Towing is something of a calling for our well-trained technicians. Resolving those emergency towing situations is done quickly and efficiently. With our 45 minutes response time and twenty four hour service there is no doubt we’ll be there for you when you need us.

Beyond The Call of Auto Towing

Sometimes what we really need is not just someone to tow us away, but a little help getting back on the road after a surprise incident. From a dead battery jump start  to a flat tire fix or car lockout solutions Golan Towing has the most complete roadside assistance services in israel.

Roadside assistance means something special to us at Golan Towing it means getting drivers back on the road is more important than taking care of a job quickly. When car lockout distresses you in a parking lot, Golan Towing is more than happy to show up with the car lockout solutions we have been trained to provide.

If you need a flat tire fix, crouching on the side of the highway is not a smart plan. That’s why Golan Towing provides flat tire fix service with our roadside assistance. A flat tire fix is a simple fix when you have help. Even a battery jump start is easier with the equipment Golan Towing  has for quick battery jump start. Providing for all the cares israel drivers have, from battery jump start to emergency towing, Golan Towing is the towing service to count on.